How to enter

The 2019 Canadian Cider Awards September 12th


  1. Visit Entries Page to complete your entry form. Please ensure you complete the form based on how you want the company and brand names to appear on your award.
  2. Send six bottles/cans of each cider entered.  Ensure all boxes are labelled with COMPANY NAME, PRODUCT NAME and CATEGORY NAME.  Companies submitting non-pasteurized products are encouraged to ship using overnight delivery (not for Saturday or Sunday delivery). The Canadian Cider Awards will not accept cider in keg format.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure all ciders are packed tightly in shipping boxes to avoid breakage. We strongly suggest you wrap each bottle/can securely in bubble wrap. All ciders received will immediately be refrigerated and categorized for the competition. If entering more than one product, you may ship them together, however, please separate the samples by category within the package and label accordingly.

Online submission ends June 25, 2019 at 11:59PM EST. Samples will be kept in proper refrigeration prior to judging. A company can only enter a total of 12 entries.

Shipping Information

Online Submissions Close: June 25, 2019

Send Cider Shipments for Judging: July 2 – July 10, 2019

Please note that anything delivered after July 10th may not be judged.

Please print and attach the following form on each box

**All boxes MUST state that they are for the CANADIAN CIDER AWARDS



Shipping Address below for Prologix:


6 Curity Ave

East York, ON

M4B 3L8

*Docks H-8 & H-9

All submissions must arrive at the announced location between July 2 – July 10, 2019. There will be no refund for companies that submit payment and fail to submit product within the timeline specified.


The competition is open to all Canadian owned commercial cider producers whose products are produced and packaged in Canada. You may submit entries in as many categories as you like (limit 12 total), but each brand may be entered in only one category.


Judging for the Canadian Cider Awards is done by certified cider judges. Judging will be based on adherence to published style guidelines. Consult the Style Guidelines of the Canadian Cider Awards to determine the appropriate category for each product submission.

Winners of each category will be announced on August 30, 2019. Medals will be awarded to gold, silver and bronze winners in each category. 

Following the announced winners, cider producers will receive full judging notes on each of their submissions.